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Provincial Labour Office Tak

53 years Tak increase the minimum wage.


          Ms. Chai Bripants family Tak glass workers revealed that wage board was meeting to consider a minimum wage of 2553 by the Conference of the opinion that current employees have been affected by the higher cost of living conditions. Although inflation will decrease. Oil prices have adjusted periodically. Together with government measures include reducing the burden of people living expenses. Cost water and electricity bill price freeze LPG (LPG) was extended to another 3 months until 31 March 2553 by Cabinet on 15 December 2552), which allows. expense of the people in this lower level. However, when considering the price of essential consumer goods in the living. Labor continues to be priced higher. In particular, prices of food products and beverages. Traveling expenses and transportation. And personal costs in order to maintain purchasing power of workers to develop skills to begin a new work to live on in the day. Has to approve adjustments to the minimum wage rate in the 1 – 8 of 71 baht and the other 5 provinces Province resolved to maintain the minimum wage rate in the original. Committee as the minimum wage does not adjust the proposed province. The effect from the date of January 1, 2553.

          Ms. Bripants the. Said further that. In Tak Committee minimum provincial wage adjustments proposed for the minimum wage increase Tak 2 baht from 151 baht per day is 153 baht per day by the wages are considered a gift this New Year 2553. to labor.